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Strong Industry Association:
ISB&M Kolkata offers unrivalled industry links and partnerships and unique access to media insiders. As a result, ISBMites are presented with a significant networking opportunity.

5 Months Paid Internship:
ISB&M Kolkata offers you a 20-week-practical internship that will equip you with critical thinking & skill set necessary to approach a problem from a variety of angles; it also gives the student the experience & confidence to achieve your goals.

Unrivalled Placement:
All students enrolled for the PGPMC course are eligible for Campus Recruitment Programme. The placements are led by Faculties with support of the Placement Assistance Cell. ISB&M Kolkata has maintained a 100% final placement record in top media companies since inception.

Real Life-not just theory:
Courses at ISB&M Kolkata are based on real life – not just theory. Through our programme of industry visits and lively workshops, media students will have already had extensive engagement with the working world before taking a plunge in the corporate world.

Excellent Academics:
Our rigorous academic programmes are carefully designed to maintain a healthy balance between theory & hand on training. Students have a minimum of 25 hours formal teaching each week along with additional study time during which they will be expected to complete assignments, presentations, projects etc.

Alumni Network:
We are proud of our strong alumni network of 2000 adding values to the industry thus going up the corporate ladder & creating goodwill for the brand ISB&M, Kolkata.

Competitive Edge:
At ISB&M it's not just about studies, through the year students are engaged in numerous projects & competitions which gives ISBMites a chance to not only explore and indulge in all their interests, but also compete against each other and prove their mettle. Our events like Forza, Fiesta, Media Mindprints are student driven events that helps the students to reach out to, network, negotiate & develop organizing & managerial skills.

ISB&M Culture:
I S B&M strongly promote the transformation from a student to a Manager from Day 1 of the Orientation Programme which exposes a student to the world of Media business. The process aims to inculcate a corporate lifestyle & values system among the students.