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Core Faculty

About Core Faculty

Prof. Karabi Bandyopadhyay

B. Tech (Electronics & Communication), M. Tech (Electronics & Communication), Calcutta University.

Subject - IT & Systems

Official e-mail ID karabi.bandyopadhyay@isbmk.edu.in

Prof Karabi Bandyopadhyay has graduated from Presidency College, Calcutta with honours in physics. She did her B. Tech & M. Tech from Institute of Radio Physics & Electronics from Rajabazar Science College, Calcutta University.

She has over 15 years of industry experience and has worked in various private sector as well as public sector companies such as Tata Steel, Webel, Sofpit Computers, Infolink etc.

She has over 15 years of academic experience and has been teaching in various management and engineering institutes including ISB&M, Sikkim Manipal Group of Institutes etc.

Her areas of expertise are embedded systems, wireless and digital communication and mobile computing. She has specialized in the fields of web application development, mobile application development, database management systems, ERP implementation, data mining, big data, business analytics and internet of things.


B.Sc. (Physics Honours) from Prasidency College, Calcutta University.

B. Tech in Radio Physics & Electronics from Rajabazar Science College, Calcutta University.

M. Tech in Radio Physics & Electronics from Rajabazar Science College, Calcutta University.

Positions Held:

  1. System Engineer, Sofpit Computers Pvt. Ltd., February 1986 to September, 1986
  2. Senior Project Engineer, WEBEL Electronic Communication Systems Ltd. (A Govt. of West Bengal Undertaking), September 1986 to July 1992.
  3. Deputy Manager, Automation Division, Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd. (TATA STEEL), July 1992 to December 1992.


  1. Software Consultant, White Plains, New York, USA, October 1997 to June 1998.
  2. Senior Software Consultant, Infolink Pvt. Ltd., Jan 1999 to July 2002.


Prof Bandyopadhyay has written following books:

  1. E-Commerce: Past, Present & Future (Publisher - Vrinda Publications, New Delhi, 2009).
  2. Mobile Commerce Commerce (Publisher - Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi, 2013). She has also written/edited several wiki-pages in Wikipedia and is an active Wikipedia editor and contributor. She has published a number of blog articles on various topics such as mobile payments, cloud computing, business intelligence, big data, business analytics, internet of things etc.


  1. Faculty, Electronic & Communication, Sikkim Manipal Group of Institutes, August 2002 to July 2004.li>
  2. Faculty, Systems, International School of Business & Media, Kolkata, July 2004 till date.


RRecipient of prestigious Award of Excellence in the field of indigenous developmental work from Government of India in 1992.